Clinic Location?

Our clinic in Tigard is located on SW Pacific Hwy (99W), across from the St. Anthony School.
Our clinic in Woodburn is on Boones Ferry Rd, near the Woodburn Ambulances and across the French Prairie Middle School.

What type of insurance is accepted?

If injured in a car accident or at work, car insurance and workers compensation insurance usually covers 100% of the treatment. We accept all types of personal insurance, but the amount of coverage depends on your plan. We do not participate as preferred or managed care providers for any companies. Feel free to bring us a copy of your insurance card and we will help you find out about your benefits.

​My pain is minor, do I still need to see a doctor?

Is your pain minimal? You don’t want to lose hours from work? or you think you are too busy to see a doctor? Delaying the evaluation and treatment of an injury may result in longer-lasting symptoms. Having long-lasting symptoms may lead to more hours lost or decreased productivity at work. Those symptoms may also intervene with your regular activities at home. Sometimes, a minor injury may put you and others around you at risk for suffering a more serious injury. Do not wait because full recovery happens sooner when treatment is not delayed.

I already went to the ER and was checked, do I still need to see a Chiropractor?

The emergency department has professionals who are experts at evaluating and treating life-threatening conditions. Once they evaluate and diagnose patients with non-life-threatening injuries, they often send patients home with medications and with instructions to rest. They also recommend patients to follow up with their primary care physicians or any doctor who is qualified to treat such injuries. Our Chiropractic clinic offers natural therapies which help decrease pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and other symptoms associated with soft tissue injury. We can help you recover with massage therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, and Chiropractic adjustments. Our treatment not only focuses on pain relief, but also on restoring function by stimulating mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Is Chiropractic safe?

Our Chiropractor specializes in joint adjustments which give your body the required assistance to heal naturally. The adjustments do not hurt. They are precise, gentle, and very safe.

Can I receive Chiropractic care even if I was not in a car crash or work injury?

Millions of Americans see their chiropractor annually, whether for treatment of an existing condition or for wellness. Chiropractic helps everyone, especially people working in physically and/or mentally demanding jobs, females before, during, and after pregnancy, growing children, and the elderly. Chiropractic care is one of the best investments for Americans. Regular treatments help recover and/or maintain good health by improving or preserving good body function.