Established in 2014, 

Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) Chiropractic Clinic LLC was founded by Dr. Marcelino Vera, DC, who is a true inspiration and example of success through dedication and hard work. Dr. Vera came from a very small village in Mexico when he had turned 16 years old. In search of “The American Dream,” he left his parents, without knowing a single word of English. After completing high school, he was accepted into the biology program at the University of Portland. Four years later, he graduated with two bachelor’s degrees; one in arts and one in science. He then graduated from the intensive, 4-year Chiropractic program at The University of Western States. Now with the extensive training and five years of additional experience, Dr. Vera is ready to give back and serve our community with enthusiasm, professionalism, and compassion. Nueva Esperanza brings new hope for people with pain, especially those injured at work or in car accidents. 

Our Mission:

The mission of Nueva Esperanza Chiropractic Clinic is to provide the most effective Chiropractic rehabilitation care for individuals and families, allowing them to return to pre-injury status and to lessen disability and dependence resulting from musculoskeletal and neurological injury. It is the clinic’s mission to treat patients with respect, compassion, professionalism, and with a holistic approach, whereby the entire person is treated and not just the person’s physical symptoms.